November 23, 2013

New Song “Thieves” Out Now!



Our new song “Thieves” is out now!

Download now! Click here.


  • Hodgo

    Brutal Song… Fuckin love it

  • Chris Richard

    …”Sorry, this form has expired.”… Boo-urns!

  • Bizkit

    “Sorry, this form has expired.”

  • felipe

    Fix the link!

  • TheFunkyRabbit

    Link has been fixed!

  • Aljaž Jelen

    Link still doesn’t work.

  • kraze2008

    this form has expired

  • Jakob Bardus

    it does not like you guys
    Hello from Russia

  • Yevhen Marchenko

    it`s a cover on ministry.
    hello from Ukraine

  • André Warnicke

    Sorry, this form has expired.

  • John ‘Milhouse’ Millard

    This Form has expired….

  • Ákos Balogh

    Maybe the late people just getting Rickroll’d or something. :) I hope It’ll be fixed soon. I want this song so bad.
    Also happy new year to the Bizkit! We all love you and waiting for the new album(s)! Come to Hungary when it’s done and turn the country up please with a badass concert for the hardcore fans here!