December 12, 2013

Sam Rivers on cover of Bass Guitar Magazine



From Bass Guitar Magazine’s facebook page:

Why not purchase the amazing new issue of Bass Guitar Magazine, featuring Sam Rivers, Charles Mingus, Peter Hook, Philip Mann and Tommy Stinson? You’ll need a backup copy in case the Mayans got the year wrong.

Click here for more information…

Bass Guitar Magazine Twitter: @BassGuitarMag


  • Kako Fernandez

    rock it Sammy!

  • squirrel cock

    Would be nice if he made a good record his 20 year career, instead of milking an awful genre that died 13 years ago. He can play?, who cares his recorded output is shit.

  • walk

    4-string bass? :)

  • PabliSetenta


  • Israel

    He’s good.

  • livinitup

    Nice! It’s very rare to find Sam I Am on a magazine’s cover these days.
    Outside gigs,he’s so chill and reserved. Rock on!

  • Rik

    Off you can fuck.

  • Alex von Witzenhausen

    Bring it Sam!

  • Kornness

    I like his technique Jazzyfusion!!…. with all the criticism that Limp Bizkit have received in the past, they forgot to say that they are great musicians, and always will be;)