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  • moontoor

    can you come to Poland?:)

  • Ghaith Bizkit

    TUNISIA !!!

  • Иршат Исянтаев

    One more tour in Russia!!!!

  • Waltteri Jussila


  • Michaela Möckel

    It´s Time for some Germany Gigs,Guys!!!!Come on over to good ol´ Germany again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Michaela Möckel

    It´s time for some Germany Gigs,Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!Come on over to good ol´ Germany again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Andrey Shmelev

    Come to Germany Guys or to Russia!!!!!!!! We r waiting for U!!!!!!

  • Katya Kostochkina

    Come to Saint-Petersburg!!!

  • Seb Pons

    Quand es ce que vous ferez le hellfest français putain !!!

  • Angel Arrieche Torres

    come to venezuela bro!!!!!

  • Terry Armstrong

    You’ve missed Newcastle off this list. Get it on. Feb 15th. Gonna be massive.

  • MouJou

    Czech again pls !!!

  • NastyLesti

    GERMANY IS WAITING FOR U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oscar Guerrero

    I didn’t choose to be born in mexico but I really want to see you guys, You autographed a guitar for my dad in Omaha, Nebraska

  • chris

    Holland misses you!

  • catarina b.

    JUST COME TO PORTUGAL, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Feno

    sh*t guys, Poland, Germany, Czech i don’t care where- my postal code is 41-900 pop in somewhere around and you won’t regret this:]

  • Lee McGrath

    Superb gig in dublin,hope bizkit back sooner rather than later!!!

  • Seb Martin


  • Karolina Tomczuk


  • Guest

    show canada some love?? I’m so cold man..

  • TyphoonTobin

    show Canada some love? I’m so cold man…

  • busra unuvar

    we unlucky turks cannot get a visa for London =( won’t you have any more tours in Europe????

  • kevin




  • future

    We wanna see you in Turkey guyzz please.

  • Khira

    Please come to Spain!!!

  • ALEX


  • Jérémie

    Switzerland – Geneva PLEASE !!!

  • Bremmes

    Holland is the place!

  • Tiago Martins

    Please, Portugal! :)

  • Джафар Сосаев

    Is it true that you’re coming to Saratov?

  • Oscar Depps

    Please come to Paraguay again, we need another concert guys

  • MC Twhip

    Belgium again guys !!!!

  • Franziska Humpelnde Rübe Schro

    Hey guys when to expect you again in Berlin? It’s just too long ago. And please, let’s not disappear complete your old flair – otherwise I scream ;) See you …hopefully!!!

  • Антон Цуркан

    COme to MOLDOVA!!!

  • Антон Цуркан

    Come to MOLDOVA

  • eaze

    Hey, do not forget to Prague in the Czech Republic!!!

  • BrianF*ckingFrancis

    CA-NA-DA. Come anywhere

  • BrianF*ckingFrancis

    Play Echo Beach in Toronto, kick ass venue, outdoors, big sand pit for moshing, and then I can smoke a shitload of reefer and watch the greatest band on earth.

  • Helen

    Minsk’s waitin’ 4 U, guys! We can bake one more cake goddamnit!!!!))

  • metson

    Yeeeah waiting4u in Poland

  • Robert

    Please Czech Republic again !!! it is 4 years ago and that is long long time :(

  • Thomas

    Italyyyyy please

  • Krystall

    Come to France guys! We are waiting for you ;)

  • Edgars


  • Tyler M. Leighton

    come to New Hampshire!!!

  • bigbine

    U guys need to come back to Cincinnati OH. U guys kick ass

  • Alexandra

    come to Moscow! again!

  • Irina


  • Danilf Ilenko

    Moscow , Zelenograd , PLEASE!!! ))

  • Michael

    Yo Cleveland, OH needs the rock to be brought to the rock and roll hall of fame. Mad love for the LB

  • MateoLB


  • Ilya Molchanov

    mini Baikal tour

  • Pawel Zajaczkowski


  • shamalamam

    COME TO FRANCE !!!! please !!

  • Chuck Finley

    LB rocks! Kerrang Tour London Feb 21st was fab and awesome! Guys you must come to Hungary in 2014. Keep rocking, baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maszek

    SZIGET 2014

  • Marek

    Poland is waiting for you, fucking redneck!

  • chris

    holland still misses you :(

  • chris

    and make a stop at holland

  • cluyse

    limp bizkit on Graspop 2014

  • Oscar Ponti

    Rome, Italy :)

  • ♫ jeremiebelzile ツ☮




  • Heiko

    It´s time for Hamburg. You will enjoy the Reeperbahn!

  • MC Bahar Avcı

    Come to Turkey ? Please :)

  • Alejandro Guerrero

    When come to Mexico

  • francesco hajun

    come to MIA

  • Alex von Witzenhausen

    GERMANY!!!! Please….

  • Karolina Emilia Cichosz

    Właśnie przeczytałam że będą na Orange Warsaw Festival! LP 4EVER!!!

  • Andrei Man

    Come back to Ukraine!)

  • Andrei Man

    Come back in Ukraine!)

  • Greivin Hernandez

    You guys where going to come to CR and play a fkg show. What happened? there is like millions of 3 folar bill people that are waiting like me for a madness show. Yu got to come and blow the fuk out of our country

  • Dontforgetm3

    Come back to Argentina. Limp Bizkit for life

  • Fred Rank

    Where the fuck is the AMERICAN and CANADA date ??????????????????????

  • Mihalcea Marius

    WE are waiting for you in ROMANIA!!!!

  • eliaskz7


  • Ben

    Lausanne… the Docks man! Check it out

  • NastyLesti

    GERMANY???!?? DRESDEN????!!!!???!??!?!??!?!?

  • Al

    Russia, Saratov! Waiting for you!

  • Pauline

    go to russia yoba

  • Ángel Uriel Domínguez Montiel

    Coming to Mexico, Please

  • Andrew Zachesh

    Come to Belarus with new album this summer!!!

  • Сергей Туркин

    Visit Russia please as son as You can! We all are waiting You!!!!!!

  • Сергей Туркин

    Your show on ROCK OVER THE VOLGA was amazing!!! Visit RUSSIA…. pleeeeease ^^

  • Brett

    Australia again!!

  • eriavsanuz

    COME TO ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eriavsanuz

    COME TO ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eriavsanuz

    COME TO ARGENTINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eriavsanuz


  • eriavsanuz


  • Dotk

    vengan a ecuador

  • delphives

    thanks to come in Lausanne – Switzerland!!!

  • Mathias Gonzalez


  • Carlos Daniel Zubieta

    come to argentina fred! =D you are my idol i got a cap new era for you fred n.n

  • juan jose

    Medellin colombia los espera.

  • Sam Core


  • Sam Core


  • Sam Core


  • Manuel Marras

    can you come to italy this summer? the last concerts in rome and milan in 2013 are crazy !!! this band in live show is dope.

  • Rogerio Mello

    Come to brazil, please!!

  • Michaela Möckel

    STUTTGART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Raccoon

    Come to Spain! Please!

  • tonyk

    come to GLASGOW SCOTLAND PLEASE!!!! tony

  • uncolombianomas

    Colombia waits for the greatest band in the world :(, COLOMBIA WANTS LIMP BIZKIT!!!

  • Isaiah Lever

    im from Canada, im in Paris for work for 5 months, and you bastards come here 5 days after i leave???? fml

  • Alexander Aragundi

    can you come to Ecuador ?

  • Guth Grounder

    indonesia is waitin’ for you guys!!!

  • Rafael Braz

    Please, come back to Brazil!!!

  • cammy

    You need to come to Denmark at Roskilde festival! Or Sweden.

  • Pedro dos Santos

    Dear Limp Bizkit, can you come back to Brazil? I miss you, please make a concert in São Paulo! Monster of Rock was awesome!

  • Christopher Rice

    You guys need to come to the Carolina’s

  • adcaill

    please please come to barcelona spain!!

  • Gerson Kaique Belusso

    São Paulo,BRASIL !!!!

  • Hu GO

    Are you fuckin serious to Support “Böhse Onkelz” at Hockenheimring. They are a fuckin nationalistic Band, and many nazis will be there.

  • Shiva

    Limp Bizkit AND Böhse Onkelz !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A dream comes true!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We will rock the Hockenheimring, yeaaaaaah……..

  • Ben Benner

    Do you guys have a single clue what you are dealing with at Hockenheim Ring??

    Better do your home work. You really don’t want to get associated with neither the band böhse onkelz nor their fans. Ask the guys from the Misfits or Turbonegro…..

  • Fawad Javed


  • Chris

    yes!! me and my friends are happy to see you guys on the hockenheimring. It will be great :)

  • leonardo

    Can you come to Costa Rica

  • Gonzalo Baez

    Argentina please!

  • Дмитрий Беспалов

    Го в Питер.

  • Oleg Turkov

    Come to Estonia

  • Miguel Becerra

    Mexico Please !!

  • Dunda

    come to Malta :D

  • Dario

    You are come to the BO gig on the 20.06-21.06 in germany?! I think you will see a show you will never forget. 2 days and more than 200.000 people. You are welcome!

  • leonardo

    Can you come to Costa Rica ….

  • Borja De Zavala Torres

    ¿And Spain?

  • Christian Gangi

    italy please!

  • Egor Egorov

    russia, please :) again)

  • Rodrigo

    please come to Spain !! There are many bizkit´s fan like me !!

  • Stijn Berendsen

    Wait… The show from Vestrock is not in the list..?

  • DKrutikov

    in Russia, please)
    Don’t forget to go to Nizhny Novgorod City)
    mr. Durst, when you say get up, we’ll get the f_ck up!!! =)
    are you hear us?!!! Get up! Get Up! Get Up! Get Up!

  • Michaela Möckel

    STUTTGART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  • Mário

    PORUGAL please

  • Dennys Bergkamp


  • delphives


  • Clara Matilda Järn

    Can you come to sweden? :O :)

  • titan

    china!shanghai!again!!!give us a chance!!!!!!!!!

  • Bizkits

    never.. russia is a world’s enemy right now

  • Иршат Исянтаев

    Shut up! You probably also from Latvia Nazi shit you do not know the truth! Look on youtube that actually happens in Ukrane, then write comments. You are there at the ass suck the American government and do not want to admit the truth. Should be friends with Russia rather than the west. Or do you still believe amerikan who attacked Iraq, Iran, wanted to bomb something crashed Liviyu.